Wednesday, April 6, 2011

a conversation or " like attracts like": an adage

body language: attraction or repulsion; it all depends on cupid's arrow

The East Side Drive: New York City, Manhattan: north of 96th street

recording the past before it vanishes, and its memory is erased. the blur suggests what will happen in the not too distant future

The Bronx County Court House, Bronx New York, March 2011

Light, tonalities, even color recall Jan Vermeer's famous view of Delft. But this is New York City, and the river is The East River. But the clouds of Vermeer's Delft are missing. Still, New York was New Amsterdam, which was settled by the Dutch, as a colony.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Memory and Sensation

without memory the mind and body become inert and life loses its meaningfulness. sweetness and sorrow, pain and pleasure, reason and the irrational are to be valued, although experiences can reignite terror or soothe and bring into the life of the moment a vividness that should not be cast aside. understood certainly, but never never altered. otherwise it until it becomes a similutide, smooth plastic, simulated reality and its horrors without terror. No, life is not a world disneyfied. Hurtful instead of searing flesh: which is preferable?

Richard Brignoli and Susan Brignoli: 1962 2 April, married

Elizabeth Bowen wrote: "her young marriage had not been an experiment; it is the young who cannot afford experiment"

The Heat of the Day, 1948, Anchor edition, 2002, 147.
And so it was, and so it is

Richard Brignoli and Susan Rosen Brignoli

Friday, April 1, 2011

Blood Lines: malice grew on the host

unrecognized until it was too late; and there it exists a spectral danger

Blood Lines: untidy yet vigorous