Tuesday, May 31, 2011

desire: even the earth is quickened by blood

but even these lovers parted, each to pursue their own destiny

Monday, May 30, 2011

a dream, a remembrance, floating in pleasure

how sharp are its teeth: no mercy, only avidity

pure tears, hidden in a crusty skin

tender skin


before it all became silent

Time Passages

Enigma: winter in spring

Flora, the sister of Bess of Hardwick Hall

Two Scottish Terriers, true sisters, daughters of Calah who resides at Highgrove Hill, Russell Massachussetts,. Gail Fournier of HopelPopel is the breeder of these both who are true sisters, but one litter apart. Flora is two months old, Bess a year and several weeks. Within little more than a week, the sisters have become best of friends. More to tell about these two wonders another time

A Curiosity: think

Sunday, May 29, 2011

dangerous physic, II, violent and painful

dangerous physic, I: gay and beautiful

a membrane so sensitive and so beautiful

"what is happening? " they watched in wonderment and fear

Creation: metamorphosing

The Husband's Promise

the heart of lovers

An Hapless Victim: a life cut short

On a beautiful spring day, a blue egg was seized and carried off from its nest. Why the egg was dropped on the earth and shattered is unclear. Perhaps the nest robber was intercepted by the parents of the egg or possibly there were other reasons for the creature why the creature, who was intending to consume the innards of the egg, let it fall from its grip. I will never know. I am only the witness to the seemingly senseless waste of being, be it as food or more kindly, humanely, as a life never lived with whatever the threads of destiny had woven for its future. But surely there would have been the joy of flight and union with another of its kind; we would call that union love, but a bird has its own language and perception of delight in another.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chauvet Cave: Palaeolithic imagery and modern cro-magonon hand prints

Have you seen Werner Herzog's fine film that has the finest published photography of Chauvet Cave, the eariest cave whers parietal imagery has been found? Herzog, citing experts, places the earliest images around 32, 000 BCE, but earlier publications placed suggested that the images may date to an even earlier period,for instance, c 34,000 BCE. Where else can such a fine presentation be found in the public arena; my single criticism of the film is its soundtrack, where music was added for

"effect." At times it is overpowering and distracting. Better to have music from flutes dating to the Palaeolithic era than the schlock that pounded incessantly at times and did disservice to the films amazing photography and presentation of data.
The cave was discovered in the gorge of the Ardeche river in Provence, France. We will never see the cave itself because it is wisely protected from contamination [and destruction], but the Herzorg movie is the best that is available to the general public. Do not miss this film which will appear most likely on the History Channel. I saw the 3D version, a medium that I do not enjoy, but this may be the only instance where it "worked." The movie is available shown in 2D.


the maple seed carries life within its pod and even the form of the tree is imprinted on the skin of the pod.

how amazing is nature

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

then and now: as if in a dream

it exists in fact and in memory, but time speeds by, and it is lost from view, to be recalled in a dream or in a sensation

we all need support in life


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Leaves: cycle of life, spring

The baby leaf does not know what will happen to it; it follows its predestined path, step by step until it is fully developed. It cannot foretell its tenacity. It will be a "ghost leaf," a white leaf, frail but strong, a leaf that will remain on the tree throughout the cold bitter months of winter and only drop off when the next generation has completed its appearance. Can the "ghost leaf" recall its joyous beginnings, when sun and warmth and the greening that surrounds it made it gush with sap?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Greening: spring

the color green is spring, but not always. it may be red or brown or other hues too

Harmony: the soul separates from the body


May 1, 2011: April, unseasonably cold in 2011

we begin with a relief of antiquity, a natural antiquity, but that I can view as allusive, with layers peeling away, some diseased others worn out by use. is the elusive spring that poets speak of, will he ever appear again or will she alight for but a moment to promise renewal