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Tenafly, New Jersey, and the pollution of the Tenakill Brook

November and the problem of Tenafly's water pollution has not been resolved. The photographs were taken where the feeder stream from the Tenafly Commons Pond and its junction with the Tenakill Brook meet. In the distance is River Edge Road. Is this water potable?

clouds of imagination

Olana: clouds that Frederick Church could never have seen

I thank the farsighted American painter Frederick Church (1826--1900), who built his Persian-style residence on the east side of the Hudson River and Bard College and New York State for maintaining this extraordinary site.

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I cannot see, I cannot hear, a savage person killed me. why?

Mankind, an Insensate savage breed: Sir Thomas More: on inhumanity

Comments of a Rabbit which, after Elduing a Weasel, Fell into Nets Spread by a Hunter

The weasel I did escape by darting through an opening off to one side, but--alas for me, miserable creature--then I rushed into the hunting of nets of men. Now I cannot save my life or win quick death. They are saving me, alas, only to throw me to the ravening hounds. Now, while the hounds tear my body to pieces with their wicked teeth, a man looks on and smiles at the bloodshed. Insensate breed, more savage than any beast, to find cruel amusement in bitter slaughter!

The Latin Epigrams of Thomas More, edited with translations and notes by Leicester Bradner and Charles Arthur Lynch, University of Chicago Press, 1953, p. 149.

The Unseeing Eye: looking at death closely

Shocking, isn't it? Beheaded, but by whom?

skies swept by winds; trees touch and leaves hold fast


Afterwards: the natural order, the wheel has turned

November 1, 2009: the light of nature, the light of man

falsity and truth

October 29, 2009: Nature's Masterpiece

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a next-door neighbor