Friday, September 7, 2012


abandoned by cult practice but the image remains as an embodiment of sorrow, all sorrows

Rose Rosen: in memorian, died 1982, 82 years old

my dear grandmother Rose was a woman who was jolly and happy and who brought joy when we were with her. Her marriage to Morris Rosen was a union few today experience. Two sons, George and Jack, were her pride; the first became a physician the second a lawyer. Jack's death at 39 was a terrible shock and she never recovered from his loss. In time, her large family diminished and in the end she stoutly insisted on living alone in The Bronx where she had been so happy. She died in 1968 in the year that my son Julian was born. A stroke felled her. So sorry I am that I never asked questions about where she came from -she immigrated from the Ukraine, I believe, but I never learned more. Now I look at a mute memorial stone and cannot find the answers to my questions. As she aged she became increasingly silent and surely her memories of happier times preoccupied her. I am posting a picture of Rose and Morris in The Bronx-but where? And then my father's junior high "autograph book."