Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tenafly Commons and E-Coli Bacteria, Tenafly, NJ, o7670

The Culprit

Geese were said to be a major contributing factor to making water unsafe since the birds cary e-coli, it was claimed. There may not be as many geese in the Tenafly Commons Pond, but other birds, water birds, carry e-coli: egrets, loons, herons. If you were to take a close look at the stands which are used by these birds you will find that bird poop covers the surfaces of the fountain heads. These foundtain heads are unsightly and are no infecting the water. The most effective way to keep birds from settling in the water is the use of dogs and the rock rattle, a container that is filled with rocks. When birds hear the sound and the water dog chases, the birds fly away. The unsightly and unsanitary fountain stands should be removed. When they are used in the summer the sound is deafening, making walking in The Commons, one of the least desirable experiences in the town of Tenafly

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