Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seeds make Tenafly Commons a Hazard. Tenafly, NY 07670

Have you ever walked around the pond in Tenafly Commons in fall? Try it. If you are in proximity to the pond you will find that the beautiful purple asters of fall are now dangerous; they will ruin your clothing, hurt your children and your dog. When the aster loses its petals it forms a seed cluster. These seeds are small dark objects, with two prongs. The prongs catch onto flesh, fur and clothing. Try removing them from a coat. I bet it will take at least an hour or more to pull them out and even then you will find one piercing your clothing and pricking you on your skin. Is this the bast plant for Tenafly. Last time I went to Davis Johnson Park in Tenafly, I did not see a single wild aster. Why is that?

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