Thursday, October 13, 2011

Drinking Water & Petrochemicals in Tenafly, N.J. 07670

Today, when walking along the Tenakill Brook, I felt faint; those petrochemicals again. A slick surface covered the water which was rushing into the brook from the Tenafly pond. The same old problem that I have called attention to in the past. The fuel leaks from vehicles, flows into the sewers when it rains and then runs directly through the Teafly Commons Pond and on into the Tenakill Brook. The Tenakill Brook is a feeder stream to United Water, the source of water for Tenafly and surrounding towns in Bergen County, New Jersey. The chemicals are never completely removed from the water when it is at the United Water treatment plant. That water is then sent to towns in Bergen County where it is used for cooking, bathing and watering lawns, among other functions.
We wonder why children have ADD, autism and adults have cancers. Take a look at these pictures and draw your own conclusions. This water is unsanitary and definitely bad for your. health. Even if ADD and Autism is incorrectly diagnosed, cancer is a fact and all too many people develop cancers that are in the environment. Petrochemicals are one of the triggers for cancers.

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