Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Richard Brignoli: his final voyage, 1

Shortly after his birthday, on 29 January 2006, Richard set sail, with a four-member crew, for a two- month round-trip journey to the Caribbean. Though a risky time of year for this voyage, Richard was a sailor's sailor and fearlessly undertook the challenge. But the Gods were not kind to him or to his venture. The sea surged and great gales beset his beloved and seaworthy Carina. The main mast broke in the turbulence and nearly drilled a hole through the hull; demonically, it fell and dragged in the water, until the crew cut it loose. While the boat experienced its deterioration Richard fell ill, mortally. For the safety of all, he refused to be picked up by helicopter but managed to steer the devasted ship to safety in Bermuda. And there he lay dying. Brought home to his wife Lynn, he died on the day of lovers, St. Valentine's day.

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