Sunday, February 8, 2009

Remembering Kate on the anniversary of her death

Kate was a great ball player, who could catch a tennis ball or a handball in her mouth and actually throw it back to you. Her sporting skill also included "handball." We would throw the ball against the wall of Tenafly High School and she would catch it in her mouth and then pitch it back to the wall. Amazing. Her keen sense of smell made her a crackerjack tennis ball collector. Tenafly Commons has several tennis courts; invariably Kate was albe to locate a tennis ball that had gone out of court and fell into bushes. Left behind by the players, Kate would discover the ball and proudly carry it out from the brush in her mouth. A skill of another kind was her ability to find cicadas, which carried carried her mouth if it was alive. At first we were disconcerted by her behavior, but learned to accept it, realizing that it was her nature to do this. A hunter at heart, cicacadas were a treat and a source of protein.

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