Sunday, February 8, 2009

Kate: Rembering our incomparable scottish terrier, March 4, 1986--February 8, 1999

Kate and Harold at Tallman State Park. Kate with a Wild Thing, one of the toys she nurtured, grooming at and taking it outside into the yard for "air." Kate at home shortly after she arrived. Profile of Kate

In earlier blogs I wrote at length about Kate or Katie our first scottie, who serendipitously became a member of our family. To save her from a mall pet shop, we purchased the funny lttle dog who won my heart the instant she was removed from her cage: she placed her head on my shoulder nestled on it, contently and quietly. A few months old--4 we believe-- but one who had lived through so much trouble already--her origins were in a puppy mill in the far west, then transported to Middle America and finally deposited in a pet shop in th Bergen Mall, she lived together with a dachshund as a companion and then was on her own. Chance brought us together. Kate was a curious thoughtful companion who looked at the world inquisitively. She would study a plane, blimp, or helicopeter flying overhead, following its trajectory as it crossed the sky. She was obviously trying to make sense of what was not an everyday occurrence. We remember her today and her all too short life with us, though in dog years she lived a respectable number. What a wonder she was and how fortunate we found each other.

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