Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ALERT: Again, Pollution in Tenafly, Bergen County, N.J.

Seen on Monday August 22, 2011, in the Tenakill Brook. Petrochemicals floating on the surface. The Tenakill Brook is a feeding stream that United Water uses as a source of water for Bergen County. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and even trace amounts in drinking water have serious potential for contributing to myriad diseases, such as cancers and possibly to autism. Where do the petro--chemicals come from? It is said that people pour such matter into sewers. Is this true? Perhaps some of it leaks from gas stations , but a considerable amount is on roadways, where trucks leak gasoline as do cars. This washes into roadway drains, and thence feed into streams, such as The Tenakill Brook. What can be done to solve the problem? Surely, not acknowledging that a problem exists is not a solution.

The petrochemicals are visible in the slick areas, where grey matter is visible.

The measure that is visible in the first picture was introduced to record water levels. It was never used, apparently, and over years has declined to the right and has long been a collector of debris that has accumulated around it. It has been noted. When Rutgers University sent teams to study water in Tenafly for pollutants, in particular E Coli, the measure was pointed out to them, but it was not removed. It was also brought to the attention of Tenafly and it still remains in place. Why?

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