Thursday, January 7, 2010

Emma: the end approaches

Emma will die shortly from bladder cancer. As the cancer grows within the the bladder it creates a smaller "container," and the bladder is unable to retain her urine. In addition, the urethra narrows, becomes inflamed, and opportunistic infections occur. This post is to assist other dog owners to understand what happens when their pet contracts this cancer and what to expect. The medicine cabinet is now bare in her case; antibiotics have been exhausted, unless higher doses are used. This would cause inflammation of her stomach lining and cause considerable abdominal pain. We must accept Emma's circumstances; she has soldiered on, suffering the loss of her older brother some months ago. In addition to bladder cancer she also has liver cancer and active diabetes requiring 2 injections daily. Still alert, still curious, still enjoying the company of other dogs, but we will soon have to accept the inevitable and help her through the last days of her life, giving her comfort as best we can.
Our beautiful Emma

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