Saturday, March 10, 2012

Emma: in memoriam, our beloved scottish terrier + March 9, 2010

Emma was a curious creature, both outgoing and shy, puppy wild in her first year and then settling down with her older brother Aesop, into a lengthy companionate relationship. Many were the things they shared together, yet each had their own preferences. Aesop preferred to be outside in the garden, Emma indoors until twilight when she sat on the deck and looked into the greyness of approaching darkness. Aesop died before Emma: cancers took him. And Emma developed diabetes and cancers. Looking back, though she had the best medical care possible, I would have chosen differently now. As I review pictures I see that prolongation of life was more for our benefit. Now that I have unremitting pain that cannot be relieved I understand her plight differently. In the end she was blind, probably could not hear or smell and her body pains and aches were non-ending as she went through the pharmacopia of medicines. From such a lively being to one in the end who was barely able to stand I regret our decision. Sooner is preferable to later if one cares for the wonder that one loves and admires, who is the being apart from us, yet who depends ultimately on us for well-being, care, comfort. Nevermore will this happen to another pup who is one of our family. Dearest Emma, we were so fortunate to have you with us and now you reside in the delight of a world without sorrow and pain with your brothers Aesop and Fala and your sister Kate, our very first. It is always mild spring and fields strewen with flowers are where you play ; a stream runs through the land and trees shade you when it is time to rest and seek cooling shelter. Emma and her pillow, a soft green pillow that she adored. We said goodby to her before she was injected and then her spirit departed to become one again with her body in the paradise of canines.

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