Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a cherry tree that blooms in winter, sometimes

I have posted pictures of this tree previously (located in Tenafly Commons near the pond and next the monstrous skate board "park"), but the unexpected blossoms in late November testify to its heroic efforts in the face adversity. most of the tree was barren, its leaves had dropped except for a few tiny orange daubs, leaves that were like silent bells moving int he wind. This tree may not last through the winter. With care and pruning it might have a chance, but growths have appeared on one limb and others are certain to follow. Of course with careful tendering the tree might still have many years but that is unlikely. So we will lose this miraculous tree; Tenafly (New Jersey 07670) does not have another one like it. And all the other cherry trees are dying too, except for a few new ones. They are not hardy stock and their life span will be brief; perhaps ten years at best. But the tree with the blossoms that appear even in winter when snow strikes is a wonder. Too bad no one else appears to notice or to care.

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