Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chauvet Cave: Palaeolithic imagery and modern cro-magonon hand prints

Have you seen Werner Herzog's fine film that has the finest published photography of Chauvet Cave, the eariest cave whers parietal imagery has been found? Herzog, citing experts, places the earliest images around 32, 000 BCE, but earlier publications placed suggested that the images may date to an even earlier period,for instance, c 34,000 BCE. Where else can such a fine presentation be found in the public arena; my single criticism of the film is its soundtrack, where music was added for

"effect." At times it is overpowering and distracting. Better to have music from flutes dating to the Palaeolithic era than the schlock that pounded incessantly at times and did disservice to the films amazing photography and presentation of data.
The cave was discovered in the gorge of the Ardeche river in Provence, France. We will never see the cave itself because it is wisely protected from contamination [and destruction], but the Herzorg movie is the best that is available to the general public. Do not miss this film which will appear most likely on the History Channel. I saw the 3D version, a medium that I do not enjoy, but this may be the only instance where it "worked." The movie is available shown in 2D.

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