Friday, December 17, 2010

Emma: our lovely scottie girl was born 16 December 1998

Emma lived more than eleven years with us, her brother Aesop, and Harold and myself. She was a delight and had an unforgettable personhood. She was playful, stalwart in the face of adversity, sometimes taking the lead othertimes following the lead of her older brother Aesop. Why is it ordained that canines have a comparatively short existence?; the humans who care for them outlive them in almost all cases. Were it but different. When the universe is recreated, if that were to occur, perhaps if canines and humans once again appear, that is, if evolution goes in the "right" direction, then perhaps life spans will be synchronized. Now Emma is in a paradise reserved for doggies. She "lives" with Aesop and her forbears, Kate and Fala. The world smiles on them and all their needs are met. Late spring and early summer give them days of warmth and sunshine, but occasionally, to remind of the snows of winter there is a burst of snow wherein they can play, running and jumping in piles of tickly white and can enjoy eating it as well. And then fall days with its winds, sounds, and odors signaling a change in seasons also descend upon their homeland, their Eden. Although humans cannot live in this Paradise, our shades may visit and even assume forms substantial so that the beasties we love so dearly can re-experience the physical contact that they enjoyed in the land of sorrows, the world where disease and war, the anthropocentric universe exists. I do not have a picture of Emma as a pup at hand, but what I do have are pictures that show her with her brother Aesop, from their early days and then one from Maine when they were in late middle age. If you were to look back to earlier posts you will find more pictures of the siblings. This post is remind all of Emma, who is named for the character in Jane Austen's novel. (The origin of Aesop's name is obvious.) Picture 1 shows Emma and Aesop looking out of a doorway in a cabin door on Mt Desert Island, Maine, Picture 2 shows Emma highly excited after being sprayed with water and also jumping in and out of a pool, a baby pool; and Picture 3 shows both Emma and Aesop in their prime. One picture of canine paradise.
Aesop and Emma were born at Great Scot Kennels in Saugerties, New York. Nancy and Larry, the doggy breeders were always concerned about the welfare of our two amazing pups, and into old age, they were always concernred and extremely supportive and helpful

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