Tuesday, October 12, 2010

modern man lost in the Middle Ages: with all that paraphenalia

he was seen telephoning in a corner between a beautiful head of Christ, a fragment from a fulll-length figure of Christ, and vitrines with masterpieces used in the celebration of Christian liturgy. This infuriated person shows his true character: silver reflective bands on his sneakers, a rented instructional tape (or is it a camera?) and a mobile pressed to his ear, he is apparently more concerned with spewing venom than seeking pleasure and understanding from the "best of the best" wherein he has sort shelter from guards who would respectfully but firmly tell him to shut off his phone.

Why did he go to the Metropoitan Museum of Art anyway? How much more appropriate it would have been for him to take a couple of laps around the reservoir.
enlarge picture to see expression

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