Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For Aesop: May 8, 1997--September 21, 2009

Aesop in his prime, Aesop shortly before he died, Aesop keeping guard, while sister Emma sleeps, Aesop facing towards the Hudson River, Emma, facing towards the path at Tallman State Park, New York State, their most favored place.
in remembrance of our sweet-tempered, stalwart, loving Scottish Terrier, Aesop. Born at Great Scot Kennels, Saugerties , New York,he grew up with Kate, our first Scottie, who had lost her "brother" Fala in 1997. We felt that Kate, who was lonely, might perk up with a younger brother. Yes, to some degree it did help her, but the loss of Fala, of their wonderful deep relationship could never be replicated. And Aesop was really too young, a pup full of energy. Nontheless, he tried, but to suit his sister he toned down, but from her he learned sottish terrier etiquette and forest lore, such as how to chase chipmunks without catching them. When Kate died, we again faced the problem of a lonely pup. This time we found a sister, Emma, at Great Scot. They were true siblings: the same mom, but two different fathers. And their age difference was only one litter difference. At first Emma's puppy stage was too wild, and Aesop would run upstairs to escape her teeth. But once she lost her eye teeth, and matured, the two formed a fast loving bond. And they lived happily together. Aesop died first, and then Emma. Emma was bewildered when Aesop died but did the best she could under trying circumstances. We did not want to get a pup because it would have stressed her as she coped with illness. There was silence in the house after brother and sister died. Of course they are in doggy heaven, living in a pastoral world, an Eden, where they have joined with their elders, Kate and Fala, forming a happy pack. That gives us some solace. But nonetheless, we miss our physical Aesop, who always trusted us and gave us comfort and joy.

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