Sunday, April 25, 2010

looking through my eyes: interiority and external phenomena

Uncanny. A dream some time ago had this image or one very like it. What to make of this deja vu experience? Mere coincidence? or finding two realities, dream reality and physical reality coalescing. Today the dream has slipped away, like a fish surfacing briefly, and then disappearing into the depths. But I know that I was here before. Is it not "me" the other side of the face, the brain that works this strange coincidence. W. S. Merwin, the poet, who guides and inspires me: his words and phrases, poems and prose heighten my perception of experience, past and present. I know that this is so awkwardly put, so I turn to imagery which is my expressive ideational mode.

"To the Face in the Mirror "

"how do you
know it is me"

Present Company, 2007, p. 6.

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