Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Clover: the sweetness of honey

To a clover flower

Clover has become a weed in suburbia; it is regarded as plant that destroys a lawn's beauty: the perfect is emerald green: no gorgeous dandelions, no fluffy white clover flowers. Deadly sprays are directed at the plant to eradicate it for the sake of "beauty" and value. How grave the consequences are for the people who reside at these "picture perfect" homes. Even when their children have "learning disabilities" they are willing to risk their immediate and long-term health. In twenty or thirty years the environmental factors that contributed to the cancer will have been forgotten. And of course the sprays are absorbed by the soil and from there flow into drinking water.
No wonder bees are dying off in the United States. And fear of bees also makes clover vulnerable.
Thoughtless and worse. The culture has been disneyfied; grass that is not grass but rubber laden with lead is preferred.

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