Monday, September 1, 2008

Motion: Anaximander's Cosmogony

Did motion come into being at some time . . . or did it neither come--to--be nor is it destroyed, but did it always exist and will it go on for ever, and is it immortal and unceasing for existing things, being like a kind of life for all natural objects? . . . But all who say that there are infinite worlds, and that some of them are comming--to--be and others passing away, say that motion always exists . . . while all who say that there is one world, whether eternal, or not, make an analogous supposition about motion.

The Presocratic Philosophers: A Critical History with a Selection of Texts, G.S. Kirk, J.E. Raven, M. Schofield 2nd ed. (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006), 127. (1st ed 1957, G. S. Kirk and J. E. Raven)

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